If traditional burial is the best choice for your family, we would be happy to personally help you locate a grave at one of our local cemeteries. We have a number of beautiful casket options which you can view on site or online. We can help you plan a meaningful graveside service, which can be personalized with moving touches like a dove or butterfly release. If you have need of transportation, you have the option of using any of the vehicles in our fleet which include a GMC Yukon XL, Lincoln hearse, and Lincoln limo.

Cremation Options
If you choose cremation, we can offer you many different disposition options, including burial. If you prefer to scatter the cremated remains, we can help you achieve this, whether you would like to scatter at sea, on the beach, or any location of your choice that meets local laws and regulations.  Additionally, we have a number of beautiful urns and keepsake mementos you may choose from, so you can always have your loved one with you.

Come by today and learn more about the options you have for a final resting place for you or your loved one. The experienced and caring staff at Malloy Funerals & Cremations will help you understand your options and determine what is best for your wishes and budget.